Increasing factory efficiency with real-time reporting


Business Case:

Our customer is an independent hydro power producer. They also have a hi-tech engineering unit that provides fabrication services. The company has two factories that run continuously, all through the year. The customer had a simple ERP solution which they utilized for all their activities. However, this system made data retrieval and analysis a complex and time consuming task. Several of the employees were not experienced in using the system end-to-end. They often had to seek IT support for even conducting small analysis.

The company was in search of a BI solution which would make the whole report generation process more dynamic. They also wanted a system that would be cost-effective and scalable.


Yasmesoft consultants suggested using Qlickview for this customer. Our solution was integrated with the ERP system that was already available with the customer.

The project implementation took a total of 6 weeks and constituted the following phases.


Requirements & analysis: The team gathered all the data and analyzed the present scenario and all the source systems in the company.

Designing: Stage is where all the data is pulled from source systems and the necessary system designing is done

Implementation: Once the design was done. All the data was pulled using SSIS ETL tools

Reporting: Qlikview was used to design reports/dashboard and scorecards.

Results: The implementation made the process of information retrieval an extremely simple task for the customer. The same solution was extended to be used by finance, hr and sales teams too.

Inventory management: As a factory producing materials through the year, it was extremely important for the company to have correct inventory at the right time, yet with minimum costs. The real time tracking of inventory and integration of suppliers to the system made this extremely easy. An email alert would be issued to suppliers whenever the raw materials went below optimum levels.

Sales Analysis: The system presented the management and key executives with a real-time analysis of sales trends from all destinations. The sales managers/management have drill-down options they can use, with their own choice of parameters, data ranges and time period. This proved to be of great value for the team in exactly drilling down as to where their performance was not matching against their goals and the best and worst performing zones. Strict, centrally controlled security measures ensured that only the designated people get to view the information.