Nowhere is consolidated and easy-to-interpret data as important as it is in the healthcare industry. Here, Business Intelligence not only improves efficiency and productivity but also serves as a tool for improved diagnosis. In healthcare, allocation of resources is not just about profitability but also about saving lives.

Medical Records

In several hospitals, patient information and medical records are still not maintained properly. Proper maintenance of medical records, easy retrieval and powerful visual presentation of patient information would greatly benefit medical practitioners in diagnosis and health care delivery. For example, using BI, doctors can view all the past and present records of a patient along with related medical images in the device of their choice. Furthermore, they can connect to a centralized database to see past occurrences of similar medical scenarios and the treatment provided to patients. This holistic view of data helps them make more informed judgements.

Service Planning

Healthcare provides need to have in-depth understanding of their patients for them to plan their services efficiently and to avoid risk. Frequently occurring medical conditions and their characteristics like seasonality, crucial symptoms, frequency, cost and resource requirements etc can be monitored regularly and efficiently by BI tools, so that healthcare providers can forecast and plan their services better.

Resources Planning

Proper planning of resources in the healthcare industry is not just about profitability. It is about saving lives and ensuring timely and efficient healthcare. People always reach out to healthcare professional that they trust. Reputation and perception on quality of service provided is therefore supreme for healthcare professionals.

BI tools help healthcare providers monitor patient flow through the day and the cycle time for patients in a particular ward or during a particular time of the day. This allows hospitals to plan their staff and equipments efficiently. Proper staffing and enhanced patient experience, especially in critical service wards, go a long way in cementing patient confidence in healthcare provides.