High Tech companies operate in a very dynamic environment where innovation and speed-to-market are keys to success. Besides, there are always the risks of technology and product going obsolete, reducing margins and a complex and dynamic supply chain. BI tools can help High-tech firms improve their performance in certain key areas.

Product Planning

Reducing product life cycles means that product teams spend their time wisely, identify problems in development life cycle early on, prioritize development tasks and interact consistently with local and global teams. Interactive, up-to-date dashboards go a long way in highlighting problems and improving communication of team members.

Supply Chain Planning

High Tech supply chains are getting far more complex and with reducing margins, firms are in need to bring in efficiencies into their supply chains. BI can help High-Tech firms:

  • Improve collaboration with their partners and suppliers by providing visibility and insight across the entire value chain.
  • Provide better tracking options and thereby improve efficiencies in sourcing and procurement
  • Improve forecasting activity by adding more relevant and up-to-date inputs into the model
  • Use real time production data efficiently in order to synchronize operational processes
  • Create revenue and quota dashboards for direct, channel & OEM sales