Manufacturing firms are always in the lookout for new ways to streamline their operations so as to reduce costs and improve overall profitability. Enhanced transparency and collaboration with their partners in the value chain can help manufacturing firms deliver high quality products at reduced costs.

Regulatory Compliance

With manufacturing firms facing more stringent environmental and legislative regulations, there is a lot of time spent by these firms in tracking and maintaining data with regards to these regulations. With BI tools, firms can effectively track as to whether the processes are adhering to the compliance requirements. BI tools can also be used to alert firms whenever there is a non-compliance problem so that action can be taken at an appropriate time. BI can also provide the strong security framework that is necessary for protecting these kinds of highly confidential data.

BI tools can help manufacturers in:

  • Analyzing operational data in real time
  • Improving their sales and marketing efforts
  • Having a real-time view of their supply chain
  • Collaborating more transparently and efficiently with their upstream and downstream partners
  • Tracking process efficiencies and helping firms improve their overall quality, costs and time-to-market
  • Establishing a well rounded inventory management process.