Qlikview is one of the oldest and most prominent players in Business Intelligence. It has been in this space since the early 1990s and enjoys an enviable reputation with customers, analysts and media.

Qlikview provides superior dashboarding, analysis and reporting solutions that enable users to explore their data like never before. It provides a self-service interface that can be accessed anywhere. Some of the key differentiating features of Qlikview over other similar products include:

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  • It takes the least time to implement Qlikview. A typical implementation can happen within few days or weeks as opposed to months required for several other products
  • It is very highly ranked in terms of ease-of-use and learning curve in comparison to other solutions
  • It enjoys a significantly large partnership network than other BI solution providers, thus making it a far more accessible and service oriented product compared to other similar solutions
  • Provides the full benefits of self-service BI with very little need for interaction with IT department. The good interactivity with the UI, solid visual controls and drill downs are some of the best in the industry
  • Offers flexible deployment possibilities including mobile, cloud, laptop, and on-premise accessibility

Roambi is one of the leading providers of Mobile Business Intelligence Software for ipad and iphone. The solutions from Roambi are held in high regards for their sleek design and easy work flow.

The applications connect to popular information systems including Excel and Salesforce.com, business intelligence systems such as Cognos and corporate databases such as Microsoft SQL

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Roambi's products include:

Roambi Analytics

Roambi Analytics takes data from a wide range of sources including spreadsheets, CSV or HTML files and transforms them into a simple and engaging visual experience.

The app uses pre-determined visual flows through which it presents data and allows users to publish and share their data with others.


Roambi Flow

Roambi Flow helps users convey a story around their analytics. With beautiful templates and layouts, Roambi Flow allows users to create textual content and interface it with videos, images and other texts. It also allows users to extract information from Pdf documents and use them for their storyline and provides them with an ability to effectively manage different versions of their documents.

Powerful sharing and security features enhance their overall features list and Roambi is fast becoming the gold standard in mobile business intelligence.

Tableau is ranked by Gartner and IDC as the fastest growing business intelligence software company in the world. Tableau's rapid-fire business intelligence solutions provide users with an easy-to-use visual analytics technology. Tableau's products include:

Tableau Desktop
Tableau desktop allows users to download large amounts of data into their desktop and provides them with a superlative platform for analyzing the data right from their computers. The tool has a very good response time thus allowing users to perform real time analytics on real time business data.

Tableau Server
Tableau Server is a business intelligence application that provides browser-based analytics. With very little scripting required, it allows users to combine large amounts of data into powerful dashboards in very less time on any browser.

Tableau Public
Tableau Public helps you tell stories with interactive data on the web. The Premium version of Tableau Public is for organizations that want to enhance their websites with interactive data visualizations. The product allows user to choose from a large range of visualisation tools, embeb live visualizations and publish the information to others. Most importantly, Tableau Public is automatically touch-optimized for iPad and Android tablets.

Tableau also has a cloud based Business Intelligence platform called Tableu Server that provides superlative analytics and dashboarding capabilities.

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Birst provides both cloud- based and on-premises business intelligence and analytics solutions. It is the only enterprise BI platform born in the cloud, created to provide the flexibility of Software-as-a-Service technology with enterprise-calibre business analytics.

Features of Birst's product include integrated ETL, data warehouse automation, enterprise reporting, ad-hoc query, self-service BI, mobile BI and dashboarding. Though suitable for enterprises of all sizes, it is best-suited for medium to large size organizations across various industry verticals, including, engineering, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

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  • As a cloud-based-solution and on-premise solution, Birst is an easy to deploy Business Intelligence Solution and is relatively simple and easy to use.
  • Birst comes in two editions – Birst Discovery and Birst Enterprise. The Discovery edition is designed for simpler frameworks and is best for situations involving one or few data sources and in situations where the structure is straight forward and the historical context is already present. The enterprise edition is for situations involving higher level of complexity.
  • Birst is best for quickly implementing and validating data warehouse models. What takes several days with certain other BI solutions, takes only a few hours with Birst.
  • Birst can be deployed for a whole range of analytics, including, sales, marketing, finance, HR and Supply Chain analytics. Birst supports all major CRM, ERP, HR and Marketing applications, making it one of the best analytics providers in the market.

The world's most popular software company offers end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions, with data warehousing, analysis, query and reporting, dashboarding and mobile BI capabilities. Microsoft's product suits includes:

Power Pivot and Power View
Both these self-service BI platforms enable users of all levels to access and mash up data from virtually any source. Users can create their own compelling reports and analytical applications, easily share insights, and collaborate with colleagues through Microsoft Excel and SharePoint.

SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2012 Data Warehousing gives customers an enterprise ready platform that includes high availability capabilities, a generational leap in performance with in-memory technologies and integrated BI capabilities exposed through familiar Office tools like Excel and SharePoint. With SQL Server 2012, you can get a mission critical data warehouse platform that scales beyond 600 TB at the fraction of the cost to acquire, operate and maintain.

Microsoft also offers powerful Query, analysis and reporting services through add-on software solutions that provide a robust Business Intelligence capability. These include SSIS ( SQL Server Integration Service), SSRS(SQL Server Reporting Service and SSAS ( SQL Server Analysis Services).

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