What we do

Yasmesoft is committed to provide the best Business Intelligence tools and technologies to business across the world.

Business Intelligence encompasses technology and tools that transform raw data into meaningful information. It provides organizations with an ability to organize, extract, display and analyze their data efficiently and help them take data-backed decisions.

An end-to-end Business Intelligence capability would include the following:

  • Data Warehouse: A central repository created by integrating data from one or more sources. This would typically include data from all your individual departments such as HR, operations, sales, marketing etc.
  • Query, analysis and reporting tools: These set of tools help extract the desired information from a Date Warehouse and present it in the form of simple reports. Advanced tools with capabilities of high-volume, high-resolution querying are available in the market that can help users slice and dice information according to their needs and help them draw deep insights regarding their businesses.
  • Dashboarding tools: Dashboards and other visualization techniques help users quickly understand analysis results and keep a tab on the key performance indicators. They help the CEO and management to take quick and confident decisions.

A well-though out Business Intelligence solution helps firms:

  • Establish control over the accessibility of data amongst employees. Firms can set controls over who can have access to data and the depth of access that can be granted to each employee
  • Choose format and device through which they would like to receive data. Reports can be delivered through web browsers, mobile apps or emails.

In addition to these capabilities, today's BI technologies also provide firms with the ability to:

  • Maintain a single version of truth as opposed to each department and source providing their own versions during important meetings
  • Retain historical values that can be extracted and analyzed whenever necessary
  • Locate required information and perform analysis to the desired level and depth from amongst the pile of data in the database
  • Maintain clear and accurate data that can be used for company's audits and external reporting
  • Ensure that daily operations align with the firm's strategic goals.

BI systems help you understand what is really working for your organization versus what is not, so you can now focus your efforts and resources on issues that are most critical to your organization.

CEOs of mid-sized organizations often ask themselves:

Do I really require Business Intelligence?

Is it worth is the amount of money and resources that I am going to commit today?

What exactly is the tangible benefit that I would derive by implementing BI?

I keep hearing the term BI often: what would I lose out on if my competitors implement BI and I do not?

We at Yasmesoft, believe that in today's tough economic scenario, the question before mid-sized organizations is not about whether or not to use Business Intelligence but how effectively can they use the technology and benefit from it

Mid-size organization's needs are same as those of large organizations – acquiring customers, increasing revenues and profitability and outpacing competition. The difference is they have lesser resources and capital at their disposal than larger organizations do. It is for this very reason that smaller organizations are in a bigger need to focus their efforts and resources on areas that really matter the most.

A good Business Intelligence solution for mid-size organisation should be:

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to deploy
  • Offer immediate tangible results
  • Should be scalable to meet the requirements as the organization's need grows
  • Should have strong partnership network and offer solid after-deployment services